There are several types of connection problem:

  1. Network Related
  2. Power Related
  3. Hardware Related

Network Related

You are suggested to check if you could visit other websites, such as to see if you are facing an general network problem arose from your computer, if you can visit the website, you are online, but you still connect to the server, then you are facing a server connection problem. You could use KVM to check if your password or firewall settings to be correct.

If you cannot connect to the network, please resolve it before contacting us

Powered Related

For some/most of our clients, we provide remote control panel for their servers (KVM or iDRAC), before you contacting us, you are suggested to login to your KVM/iDRAC to check if the server power is ON.

Hardware Related

If you find that your server is ON, but still cannot be connected, then you might face hardware problem, such as PDU or harddisk problem.